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Manticore Jailbreak

Compatible with
iOS 14.0 – iOS 14.6

Full Jailbreak for all iPhones, iPads, iPod touches (A9 - A14)

Public beta coming soon!



We can't estimate the time of arrival of the closed beta yet, but it's still going to release 1-2 weeks before the public beta. You can join the closed beta by subscribing to the "Manticore Beta" tier on rpwnage patreon’s link & cpwn’s patreon link.

How does manticore differ from other jailbreaks?

We are trying to make it completely customizable, configurable (Selectable APT GUI etc.), and dynamic. There’s also a suggestions channel, where you can send your suggestions to us and we can consider implementation. Manticore will be released together with CheatManager and other Utilities which will be available at the Manticore repo.

What iOS Versions/Devices are supported by Manticore?

We currently support all iOS versions from iOS 14.0 to 14.3, as well as all devices, including A14.

What package manager will Manticore use?

We're planning on selectable package managers including Sileo, Cydia, Installer and Zebra.

What safety features are planned/included?

We're planning on including dynamic jailbreak detection, to detect, disable/enable previous jailbreak installations on the device.

Will the exploit take two minutes?



Rpwnage /@RPwnage
Developer and Security Researcher, Previously known as iSn0w/e from Germany

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Pwned /@PwnedC99
iOS Software Developer,UI Designer, Hackintosh Expert, Jailbreaking , ARM Exploit

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Fugiefire /@fugiefire
iOS developer / full time stack smasher/refactoring ManticoreCode

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Special Thanks to @ModernPwner for cicuta_virosa exploit